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Change a Wrinkle to a Twinkle!
Change a Wrinkle to a Twinkle!
“Our Mission is to always be on the cutting edge of what makes people happy and youthful, both internally and externally. To deliver the most effective products and treatments that give our clients/friends an enriched quality of life and enthusiasm to be alive in the body they have. Exceeding your expectations is our goal!”
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The skin is the largest organ of the body, protecting us from invasive and harmful substances and energies...
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An excessive amount of thick moisturizer used actually helps to build up dead skin cells and block delivery of good...
Medical & Advanced Aesthetics
We have found the secret of combining rare and powerful ingredients in a way that will easily transport them to the lower epidermis or dermis, depending on which level of rejuvenation has been chosen. This is where most of our collagen and elastin is produced.

To open the pathway for these powerful ingredients SSS uses Vitamin A, Retinol from us or Retin-A from your doctor and Glycolic Acid. Our layered process quickly repairs and rebuilds damaged cells by putting an end to free radical damage and creating a new beginning for healthy, plump cells. The result is a correction of sagging skin, brown discoloration and small scars. You will love your smooth, even toned skin.
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