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Retinol or Retin-A Products

Is it okay to use Retin-A, Retinol or pigment lightening products while having micro-dermabrasion treatments once every seven to twelve days?

Answer: I have found that it is most advantageous to do so because the Retin-A, Retinol and the deep exfoliator – Stimuderm, is helping to normalize the cells and also push the dead cells up from the lower layers of the skin. The dead cells come up to the surface and the micro-dermabrasion machine comes along and removes all of those dead, discolored, unwanted cells. If the hand-piece of your micro-dermabrasion machine uses a swirling, turbo motion, abstaining from Retin-A & Stimuderm for one day before and after a treatment & spaced seven days apart, works well. If you are using a micro-dermabrasion machine that expels the crystals straight ahead, we recommend you do six micro-dermabrasions, spaced every ten to twelve days and refrain from the stimulating products for two days before and one day after treatments. Retin-A and lightening products should not be used if you are pregnant, breast feeding or using any drugs that make your skin sensitive to the sun, such as Accutane, Steroids, some antibiotics or if you have HIV.


I understand that your Superior Skin Secrets Deep Exfoliation Program has the option of using .1% Retin-A Cream with your anti-aging and acne skin care line. How do I go about getting this since it is a prescription item?

Answer: You can bring a prescription with you from your doctor (if your aesthetician ha s a medical director) when you meet with your skin care professional for training on the application and use of the anti-aging or acne program. You can also see our doctor without charge for the appointment if you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area. If you are out of town, you can get the prescription from your local doctor for .1% Cream and have it filled by your pharmacy in your area. We have two Retinol products that do not need a prescription, Rejuva Serum and Retinol Night Repair. These products work very well. 


I want to firm my skin. I am over forty and I am noticing larger pores and a little sagging skin. Also, my skin does not look as smooth as it once did. Can I turn back the clock just a little?

Answer: Actually, you can turn back the clock a lot when you take advantage of the latest technology in equipment and products. The younger you are when you start on our Anti-aging Program including good vitamins and a healthy lifestyle, the faster you will see results. Retin-A or Rejuva Serum mixed with Superior Skin Secrets lightener, PerfecTone, high potency "Retinol Night Repair", Anti-aging Serum, Amazing C Serum and the micro-dermabrasion all promote collagen and elastin, which firms and thickens the skin. Dirt in the pores holds them open and makes them larger. If those pores are held open for very long they become permanently stretched. Our products remove the outer portion of the pore that has been stretched open. If you combine our products with micro-dermabrasion, you will speed up the process and a porcelain smooth look will be created.


I have freckles, acne scars and a lot of sun damage. Is there any hope for me?

Answer: There was a time when I would have to say I'm sorry, it's too late. BUT NOT ANY MORE! Micro-dermabrasion or Glycolic Peels will lighten pigmentation and open up the skin by removing the old dead cells so products like Superior Skin Secrets Stimuderm, Rejuva Serum,  and PerfecTone can lighten the damaged cells deep down where the pigmentation is being manufactured and the weak cells exist. For other products that do not reach this deep into the skin, only the outer epidermal layers can be affected. So as the dead and lightened layers exfoliate and leave the body the pigmented and scarred cells from the lower layers rise and you see the pigmentation again. Some people do not need a peel first. That must be determined by your professional.


Acne & Oily Skin

I'm 53 w/ oily skin. I don't know if I should use just oily skin products with some anti-aging products or what? I now have a hodge-podge of products in my personal skincare arsenal. It's hard to keep makeup looking fresh for very long because the oiliness comes right back.

Answer: It is imperative that you use all one product line if you want your skin to normalize. Most over-the-counter products are very high in pH, usually over a pH of 9. The skin ranges from 4.7 to 6.3 throughout the day. If you use products that are in this range, your skin will become more balanced. SSS products are the right pH which helps your skin normalize. You will always have oily skin, most likely, until you have finished menopause. Some carry their active oil glands even after menopause.

The most important thing is to bring your skin into balance with our Superior Skin Secrets Deep or Moderate Exfoliation Program for Oily skin which would include an additional product called Berry Fresh Oil Control to balance oil and Calming Gel to heal the infection. No moisturizer creams should ever be needed for your skin since you have a lot of oil production. We have Liquid Moisture for those days when you need a little bit of moisture.

I would suggest finding a good Aesthetician that does a good job at cleaning your pores and perhaps does deep peels. The results of these peels, depends on the quality of the product and the technique and knowledge level of the aesthetician. The effectiveness of the products you have been using to help release the glue that holds that old, dead skin on to your face will make a big difference in the results you get before and after the peel. If your pores are clogged and the products will not be able to penetrate to the lower layers where new cells are produced.

The most important thing to remember when we are aging is that we now must make an effort to remove the dead skin building up on our faces that causes that aging appearance. Our products not only make your skin exfoliate but they also nourish and force collagen production.



Could I get more of an idea about your products' ingredients?

Answer: For those viewing this from the internet, click the Ingredients link to view information about product ingredients. They are designed to work together to create exfoliation, oil control and cleansing, pH balance, lightening the discoloration caused by acne, the sun and chemicals, and nourishment of the deeper layers of the skin where new cells are formed to firm and thicken all the layers of the skin. All these products are designed to work in a layered fashion to create the perfect skin you are looking for.



I'm often drawn in by a good advertisement or a sales person at a department store and I buy a little of this and a little of that. Is it effective to mix different brands of products for my face?

Answer: Most product lines including Superior Skin Secrets, make their products with ingredients that will blend together well and promote a healthier skin when used in combination. When you mix different lines you lose this benefit. If you add the additional benefit of being pH balanced your skin will absorb them more efficiently and they will not irritate the skin. They are also designed to synergistically work together to repair the skin.


Any chance that the program comes in a less expensive travel size?

Answer: We do have a Trial/Travel kit that gives you enough product to last one month. We have one available with all the products needed for our Moderate or Deep Program and we also have one for the Gentle Program. This gives you an opportunity to see how effective Superior Skin Secrets is in such a short time. See our before and after pictures to see how quickly we repair damaged cells creating lightening, firming and removal of old dead, wrinkled, undernourished skin. Your skin will no longer feel unloved.


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