How is SSS Different?
We are pH-Balanced, and Paraben-Free!

There are many different skin care product types readily available for use on the skin, especially the face and décolleté area. It is important to understand the difference between the various skin product types in order to make the best determination of which product type will best fit your needs or the need and desires of your clients.

Over-the-Counter Products
Over-the-Counter Products reach into the outer layer (stratum corneum layer).  Most of these products are unable to reach the deep moisture layer of the skin thus having effects that last only a few hours.
OTC products will not repair skin damage, only temporarily modify the appearance of the skin. These companies avoid powerful ingredients or strength of ingredients due to the expense in using these. They are mostly focused on advertising and packaging, not results. This produces little change to avoid questions that no one is available to answer.

Professional Products
Professional Products reach a few layers deeper than OTC’s and many aestheticians use these types of products. Professional Products will nourish, soften and lighten slightly, but do not control or stop the regeneration of weakened, dark, melanocytes and wrinkles. These products are unable to reach the lower epidermis or the dermis.
They will lightly exfoliate the top skin layer only and soften wrinkles, not remove them. Companies are focused on temporary/minor results, giving them an abundance of return customers due to the temporary effect and the need to use the products often to see results.

Corrective/Theraputic/Nourishing & Rejuvenating Products
Superior Skin Secrets products are formulated to be used in a Skin Care Treament Program that is designed to restore the natural youthful appearance of the skin and to maintain skin health by healing the cell deep down where the problems begin.

Corrective/Theraputic/Nourishing & Rejuvenating products are used by licensed aestheticians and Physicians. These products are deeply corrective and highly nourishing at the same time. Corrective and Nourishing Products provide therapeutic strength ingredients and actually reverse the signs of aging. They lessen wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation, as well as promote collagen production with renewed Fibroblast activity.


SSS Exfoliation and Rejuvenation Programs

Deep Exfoliation and rejuvenation for aging skin or skin with heavy sun damage. This program is excellent for firming and for those suffering from acne. (See added products for Acne treatment)

Moderate Exfoliation Program
Provides moderate exfoliation and rejuvenation for aging skin with mild sun damage and acne challenges. This program works great for preventative care in healthy skin.

Gentle Exfoliation Program
Provides gentle exfoliation and rejuvenation for more youthful skin or daily maintenance. This program works great for preventative care in healthy skin.


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